The Program


You're a young leader. You think God has called you into full-time ministry, but you may not be sure in what capacity. Either way, you know you need training. Should you go to seminary? Or is it better to get some ministry experience under your belt? What if you could do both?

What if you could spend a season investing in your future as a leader, learning from and working alongside older, more seasoned ministry leaders while also pursuing a formal education?

Over the past 10 years, Fellowship Memphis has walked alongside dozens of young leaders like you to help handcraft them into the leader God has called them to be.



Philosophy of Our Program


Hear from our Lead Pastor John Bryson about the roots of our Residency Program and why we feel it's so important for the Church today.



Frequently Asked Questions?


Who should apply? Who should not apply?

Apply if... you're hungry, you're ready to take the next step toward a lifetime of ministry, you're ready to learn, you welcome a challenge, you want direction and guidance, you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, you want to be pushed to be a better leader. Apply if you're READY TO WORK.

Don't apply if... you're lazy, you think you already know how to run an organization, you think you've graduated beyond even the smallest, most menial of tasks, you don't like feedback, you want to be in charge, you want "stage time," you value talent over character. Don't apply if you are NOT READY TO WORK.

Why Memphis?

From civil rights to music to business to children's healthcare to urban education, Memphis has always been at the heart of innovation, creativity and change. Through the years, our city has been a launchpad from which leaders and their ideas have impacted the entire world. We hope you're next.

Will I be paid during my time in the residency program?

Residents are paid a modest stipend and Fellowship Memphis helps to facilitate any fundraising efforts a resident undertakes to help support them during their time as a resident.

Do I have to live in Memphis full-time to be a pastoral resident?

Yes. Our program works by immersion. It's not so much about the material as it is about the formation that takes place as we walk closely alongside you. 

When does the residency program begin?

Every resident is different, but most residents can expect to transition to Memphis from mid-July to early August so they are ready to launch the ministry year with us.

How long does the residency program last?

Typically, the residency program lasts from 2-3 years in rolling one-year commitments, depending upon each resident's timetable.

What will I learn as a resident?

In addition to hands-on personal development and practical experience in a variety of ministry areas, you'll focus on growing specifically in these 9 core competencies.

How many hours a week can I expect to work?

Our residents stay busy. Between their responsibilities at Fellowship and rigorous academic commitments, each resident should work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Do all of your residents also pursue seminary?

We hope so. Though it is not a requirement, we believe our program fits well with the formal education seminary provides.

What will I be doing during a typical week as a pastoral resident?

In a given week, you can expect to be working on the specific ministry responsibilities you've been given, meeting with our pastors and leaders for development opportunities, gathering together with the other residents for planning and challenge, and somehow, in the midst of that, trying to pass your seminary classes.